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May 06

Reflexology Chart of Foot | Foot Reflexology Chart

Reflexology of foot plays a very important role in curing a disease. Similarly Reflexology Foot chart is something everyone needs and consider when applying Reflexology techniques. Without the Foot Reflexology Chart, one just cannot understand and see where the Reflex points are and where one should give pressure.

Apr 18

Reflexology Maps | Maps of Reflexology

Map of Reflexology- Reflexology Map

For the proper diagnosis of many diseases and their treatment through Reflexology, it is very important that one must have basic knowledge about the working of the body, the position of various organs in the body and their function, understanding of zone therapy and location of numerous reflex points in hands, feet and other parts of the body.
There is another important factor to remember in the context of reflex points and Reflexology maps. It is the principle of zone therapy that all those organs which fall in a particular zone in the body, their reflex points in hands and feet will also become tender if any organ in that zone becomes sick, because they are linked with the same life force current.

Feb 20

Reflexology Diagram | Diagrams of Reflexology

Reflexology Diagram

Reflexology is a scientific and perfect system of treatment but like all other established medical systems, Reflexology too has its limitations. It has wonderful diagnostic peculiarities. Just by pressing various reflex areas, one can detect which organ is not functioning properly or where the problem lies. It is very important for a reflexology therapist to understand where the problem lies in the body. Therefore Reflexology Diagrams always play an essential role in guiding the therapist to correct points and in curing the disease. In this post we are covering the reflexology diagram of the foot and reflexology diagram of the hand. The diagram given below will show you the Reflex Areas on the whole body.

Dec 23

Chart of Reflexology| Reflexology Chart

Reflexology Chart of the Hand

Reflexology is a marvelous system, simple to understand and easy to practice. It is highly effective, completely safe and absolutely scientific. But to use Reflexology effectively it is very important firstly to understand the Chart of Reflexology and Reflexology diagrams. The reason for that is it is on those Reflexology charts that you will find information about the Reflex points. These Reflex points when given the correct amount of pressure and on the correct point will help in curing the problem related to the body. The Chart of Reflexology of the hand and foot given below are just sample charts. The Reflexology Ebook has detailed HQ charts which outlines the reflex points in detail.