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May 06

Reflexology Chart of Foot | Foot Reflexology Chart

Reflexology of foot plays a very important role in curing a disease. Similarly Reflexology Foot chart is something everyone needs and consider when applying Reflexology techniques. Without the Foot Reflexology Chart, one just cannot understand and see where the Reflex points are and where one should give pressure.

Feb 20

Reflexology Diagram | Diagrams of Reflexology

Reflexology Diagram

Reflexology is a scientific and perfect system of treatment but like all other established medical systems, Reflexology too has its limitations. It has wonderful diagnostic peculiarities. Just by pressing various reflex areas, one can detect which organ is not functioning properly or where the problem lies. It is very important for a reflexology therapist to understand where the problem lies in the body. Therefore Reflexology Diagrams always play an essential role in guiding the therapist to correct points and in curing the disease. In this post we are covering the reflexology diagram of the foot and reflexology diagram of the hand. The diagram given below will show you the Reflex Areas on the whole body.

Jan 09

Reflexology of the Hand | Hand Reflexology

Hand Reflexology

As we know that there are reflex points on our hand and feet. But to get desired results, it is imperative that one must possess the basic knowledge of the position of various organs in the body. A number of drawings inserted in the beginning of the book give approximate location of the organs in the body and their reflex points in hands and feet.

Dec 27

Reflexology of the Foot | Foot Reflexology

Reflexology Chart of the Foot - Foot Reflexology Chart

Reflexology is a unique system in two respects – easy detection of diseases and their prompt cure. It is perhaps the only natural therapy through which one can easily ascertain the normal or abnormal functioning of different internal organ of the body instantly by pressing certain reflex points in hands and feet. The most important point to note is that there are no side effects of using Reflexology techniques and tools. Similarly, it is by pressing these points that many ailments can be cured without any medicines and without any side effects.