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Reflexology of the Hand | Hand Reflexology

As we know that there are reflex points on our hand and feet. But to get desired results, it is imperative that one must possess the basic knowledge of the position of various organs in the body. A number of drawings inserted in the beginning of the book give approximate location of the organs in the body and their reflex points in hands and feet.

For example, if a person is suffering from some problem concerning urinary system, he can start giving pressure in the feet and hands on the reflex points of kidneys, ureters, urinary bladder and the relevant area of spine, and like wise in other diseases. Now, the question arises whether pressure is being given on the right points or not.

Although all the toes, thumbs and fingers embody reflex areas for the brain and head, but the major reflexes for the brain and head exist in big toes and thumbs. Interestingly, each big toe and thumb contains reflexes for half portion of the brain and head on respective side. Each foot and hand contains the reflex points of various organs falling in half portion of the body on that side.

Reflexology of the Hand - Hand ReflexologyAs shown in the above diagram, there are different reflex points relating to different organs of the body. The left hand has different reflex points from the right hand beside having a lot of common points to give pressure. Now to get the desired results, it is very important to give the right pressure on the right points.

The major criteria for detecting the accurate reflex points in the case of any disease or abnormal functioning of a particular organ is the feeling of excessive and intolerable pain by pressing the respective areas.When the disease subsides or is completely cured, these particular areas in hands and feet will indicate less pain or no pain at all. In case of any disease, the patient feels too much pain on the concerned reflex points by pressing them as if some nail or piece of glass has entered that area. Strangely, the patient does not feel such type of prickly pain either before or after giving the pressure. It is only on giving pressure that one comes to know about the normal or abnormal functioning of an organ through the pinch of pain.

Reflexology Chart of the HandIt is thus clear that any spot in the reflex area representing a particular organ which hurts too severely on giving pressure is the proper reflex point for that organ. It would, thus, not be necessary to locate the problem points everyday. Generally, there is only one major reflex point for every organ but there can be more than one reflex points according to the size of the organ and nature of problem. In case of pituitary gland, a small organ in the body, there will be only one reflex point, while in case of liver, which is the largest organ in the body, there can be more than one reflex points. Painful reflex points are, in fact, the indicators of some problem inside the body. 

Therefore, it is very important for a person to understand in detail about the Reflexology of the Hand. One should know about the correct reflex point on our hand and should have detailed charts or maps of Hand Reflexology Points. The Ebook will provide the insights about the Hand Reflexology, Foot Reflexology, Reflexology Techniques, tools, maps and much more. In order to get all this useful information, please see the link Reflexology of the Hand in which e-book is written about the complete Reflexology  system.



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    I am experiencing severe internal cranium heat from the shoulders up to middle of head. My acupuncturist and kinesiologist can’t figure it out! It happens more I think at night. Is there a spot or spots I can work on? FYI we have ruled out thru blood work, and their tests that it’s hormone Ithank you for any assistance.

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