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Reflexology of the Foot | Foot Reflexology

Reflexology is a unique system in two respects – easy detection of diseases and their prompt cure. It is perhaps the only natural therapy through which one can easily ascertain the normal or abnormal functioning of different internal organ of the body instantly by pressing certain reflex points in hands and feet. The most important point to note is that there are no side effects of using Reflexology techniques and tools. Similarly, it is by pressing these points that many ailments can be cured without any medicines and without any side effects.

Reflexology of the Foot - Foot Reflexology

Now in order to cure a disease, it is very important to know the reflex points on the feet. These Reflex centers on the feet will trigger the change inside your body and cure the problem. As we can see in the above Reflexology Diagram, the outside of the foot, the bottom of the feet has reflex points about Buttock, Knee leg, Elbow, Arm and Shoulders. In a similar way the toes carries the problems related to the head. In the middle of the feet you have reflex points which help in curing problems of the back and of the eye. We have a free chapter on Reflexology of the Eye for further in depth study. These important points if given the right amount of pressure can trigger the real change inside the body.  

To cure a disease through Reflexology, the primary act is to ascertain the involvement of specific organs in that ailment. The next step is to locate the relevant reflex points in hands, feet and other parts of the body so as to start the treatment. While detecting the correct pressure points, it should always be kept in mind that as each individual body differs, so the points of each person may not be exactly the same spot in hands and feet.

According to the body structure of the person concerned, the location of reflex points can also vary. But these will definitely be in the same zone and same area. In addition, reflex points of more than one organ can be in the same area in hands and feet according to their position in the body. Certain glands and organs are virtually on top of each other, tightly fixed in the body. The diagram shown below reflects the complete mirror of the body and how it relates to the feet. This is a very brief chart which outlines the reflex points of our body with respect to our feet.

Foot Reflexology

Below is a chart which will explain the basics reflex points on the foot in respect to the organ related to the body.

Part of foot Reflex points of organ
Big toes/thumbs Head, neck
Small toes/ fingers Head
Heel Pelvic area and sciatic nerve.
Inner foot/hand Half portion of the spine of right side and half portion on left side.
Outer area of foot/hand Arm, shoulder, hip, leg, knee and lower back.
Ankle area of feet/wrists Pelvic area, reproductive organs.


Therefore, it is very important for a person to understand in detail about the Reflexology of the Foot. One should know about the correct reflex points on our foot and should have detailed charts or maps of Foot Reflexology Points. The Reflexology Ebook will provide the insights about the Hand Reflexology, Foot Reflexology, Reflexology Techniques, tools, maps and much more.

To find more details of Foot Reflexology, a Detailed explanation of techniques, methods, steps and tools are given on the Product Reflexology page.


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  1. reflexology foot massage Newnan

    Reflexology can also affect the endocrine system, which
    regulates and secrets hormones in the body. Many doctors therefore prescribe
    anti-depressants that increase the serotonin levels of the patient.
    Many people state that reflexology can be exceptionally useful when it comes
    to helping them to control their pain.

  2. Colette

    I really like what you wrote about reflexology, however, where I live, reflexology is done by Licensed Massage Therapists, and we are not allowed to “diagnose” anything or suggest we can “cure” any problems. How do you word your findings without giving the impression that you are actually diagnosing anything?



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