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Reflexology Maps | Maps of Reflexology

For the proper diagnosis of many diseases and their treatment through Reflexology, it is very important that one must have basic knowledge about the working of the body, the position of various organs in the body and their function, understanding of zone therapy and location of numerous reflex points in hands, feet and other parts of the body.
There is another important factor to remember in the context of reflex points and Reflexology maps. It is the principle of zone therapy that all those organs which fall in a particular zone in the body, their reflex points in hands and feet will also become tender if any organ in that zone becomes sick, because they are linked with the same life force current.

By going through the Maps of Reflexology (shown below), which is strictly according to the zone therapy, it will be very easy to understand the exact location of reflex points of major organs and glands, in hands and feet. An effort has also been made to describe such locations through various illustrations in the book.

Map of Reflexology-Reflexology Maps

The concept of zone therapy which is the basis of reflexology or Reflexology got new dimension and scientific recognition when a distinguished American ENT specialist, Dr. William H. Fitzgerald undertook research during the early years of twentieth century  to establish its practicality. His colleagues in the medical profession highly discouraged him but his continuous research and dedicated efforts brought to light the presence of en energy zones in the body. These zones are, in fact, the basis of Reflexology.

Zone therapy is very simple and completely outlines the map of reflexology. According to it, there are ten invisible life force currents massing through the body from head to feet and hands, in line with all toes and fingers ending in the tips. The specific area falling under each life force current s called a zone. There are five longitudinal zones on the right side of the body and five longitudinal zones on the left side of the body in equal proportions. All the ten zones parallel over the entire body covering head, face, shoulders, arms, hands, chest, abdomen, reproductive organs, legs and feet.

Hand Reflexology

Regarding size of reflex points, the Reflexology experts are of the view that each such point will measure not more than a size of pea. In children and infants its size will be comparatively small. Some therapists, however, suggest that every Reflexology point is of the size of pinhead in area, just below the surface of the skin and is more electrically conductive than the surrounding area of the body.

Foot Reflexology- Reflexology of the feet

We have discussed by showing Reflexology Maps earlier that it would be better to give pressure on various reflex points in hands and feet for curing numerous diseases but in case a particular area or areas in hands, feet, arms, shoulders and legs itself is injured, swollen, fractured or not in a position to be touched due to extraordinary sensitivity for any reason, in that case the particular area in hands, feet, arms, shoulders and legs can be cured by giving pressure on the respective corresponding areas. Those persons who have lost certain portions or whole of hands, feet, arms, shoulders or legs can benefit with the assistance of corresponding areas and zone therapy.

Reflexology Maps can be very helpful if they are studied properly or there is a proper guide for it. But it is very important to go through the Maps of Reflexology  before applying those techniques to yourself. There is no harm starting of your own but if dont have the right information, then you will not get the right results. But we are providing Detailed Charts (HQ) to explain the reflex Centers on our hand, feet and the body. The Reflexology Ebook will include Special Figures, Charts and diagrams available related only to a certain disease along with the detailed Explanation of the Causes of a disease and proper solutions for it.


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    pease send me the proper pressure points to massage for erratic beating of the heart

    1. Blogger

      Hi Shirley
      Thank you very much for your interest in reflexology. I recommend you to buy the reflexology ebook which contains a lot of information about heart and rest of the body. It will help you in providing the methods, directions and charts which can help you in curing your problem.

  2. Muhammad Azhar-ul-Islam

    I want to get knowledge about reflexology basic principals.would u like to guide me

    1. Blogger

      Hello Muhammad
      I will recommend you to read the older posts where you can find information about reflexology. The links are given below



      Reflexology Team

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