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Reflexology Diagram | Diagrams of Reflexology

Reflexology is a scientific and perfect system of treatment but like all other established medical systems, Reflexology too has its limitations. It has wonderful diagnostic peculiarities. Just by pressing various reflex areas, one can detect which organ is not functioning properly or where the problem lies. It is very important for a reflexology therapist to understand where the problem lies in the body. Therefore Reflexology Diagrams always play an essential role in guiding the therapist to correct points and in curing the disease. In this post we are covering the reflexology diagram of the foot and reflexology diagram of the hand. The diagram given below will show you the Reflex Areas on the whole body.

Reflex points are indeed mirror to the internal organs and pain on these points indicates the extent of disease. There are thousands of ailments related to various systems in the body. The ancient as well as the modern therapists have cured from minor to so-called incurable diseases with Reflexology. The above Reflexology diagram gives us an insight into the Reflex areas of Foot, hand, Thighs,Knees,Hips,Shin,Calf, Ankle, Toes etc. One must understand these brief diagrams about the Reflexology before jumping into the process of curing it. There are many Reflexology charts given in Detail in the Reflexology Ebook which outlines what points helps in curing which part of body.


 Just to give you a brief outlook on Reflex points of the Feet, the Reflexology diagram of the foot (as shown above) shows various parts of foot interconnected to various organs in the body. For example, as shown in the Reflexology Diagram of the outside of the foot, the bottom of the feet has reflex points about Buttock, Knee leg, Elbow, Arm and Shoulders. In a similar way the toes carries the problems related to the head. In the middle of the feet you have reflex points which help in curing problems of the back and of the eye. We have a free chapter on Reflexology of the Eye for further in depth study.

 In the same way there are reflex areas on the inside of the foot. The above Diagram of Reflexology on the inside of the Foot covers Urinary systems, Lymph Glands on the upper end of the foot. Besides that on the bottom of the foot you will see reflex areas related to the bladder inside the body. The toes have reflex point covering the problems related to the neck and valvular disorders.

The most important thing to notice in the above reflexology diagrams is that there are different reflexology points on the different feet. So it is very important for a person to understand in depth before starting of its own.

Lastly, we have included the Reflexology diagram of the Hand.As you must have noticed, the Reflexology diagram of the left side of the hand has different reflex points from the reflexology diagram given on the right hand. There are some similarities too but some parts are different.

The left hand covers the lumbar region,back, elbow, heart, gland toothache whereas the right hand covers lower back,elbow, lymph glands,spine,heart and many others. There are some common reflex points on both the hands. These points are given on the inside of the hand (the region where the thumb lies). This area includes the reflex points for cold,migraine,chest,headache,throat,shoulder,neck,head,eye and ear.

To sum up, these reflexology diagrams are very important to understand before a patient jumps in curing their respective disease. There is a in-depth study material given on this website about how to cure a certain disease and which reflex point on hand and feet will help in curing the problem. So to understand that please see our Reflexology Ebook. You will be guided through different processes with the help of reflexology maps and reflexology diagrams.



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  1. varinder singh

    Hello i m Dr.varinder singh from jammmu ………Give me some special points of back pain , knee pain, and all joints pain………..m waiting ur rply……


    how do you get rid of high eye pressure glaucoma thanks,and sugar dibetes

    1. Blogger

      Hello Ernest
      I will recommend you to read the free chapter on eye.


  3. Cheryl

    How can I get my creatinine level in my kidney to come down? Also how can I build up my immune system? I’m always catching a colds.

    1. Blogger

      Hello Cheryl
      The reflexology ebook provides the way to improve your immune system and digestive system.
      Please see the Table of Contents given on the link below. If you find anything helpful or want to know about something in which you are interested, you can download the ebook.

      Reflexology Team

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