Reflexology Therapy and Reflexology Massage includes Reflexology diagrams, courses, maps, history and Reflexology of hand and Reflexology of the foot charts.An e-book on Reflexology of hand and feet.


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A Natural treatment first conceived by Indian thinkers in primitive times is also known by names like Zone Therapy, Shiatsu, Pointed Pressure Therapy, Contact Therapy, Concentrated Massage or Acupuncture without Needles, is probably the oldest system in the world, based on scientific technique of massage or pressure. It will transform you forever and will create a body that will be free from diseases and problems!

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You do not require a personal trainer to teach about the reflex points.

This has nothing to do with Acupuncture or any similar method.  

Does not require to have extreme workouts in the Gym…

Has nothing to do with magical pills, supplements, exotic diets etc.

 Does not involve any dangerous weight loss surgery…

And definitely you are not required to starve yourself …

And you don’t need to put your life on hold to achieve your health goals..

What we’re talking about is quickly and happily going into a zone where you see real results where you’re going to feel incredibly powerful and you’re going to spring out of bed in the morning excited to embrace the day with a new confidence.

What is Reflexology and how it will help you?

Reflexology are the holistic healing methods through reflex points given on the body which involves pressure and massage of those reflex points found on the feet, hand and ear that correspond to every part of the body. When a correct pressure is applied to all these reflex points, they help to cure your ailment. The physical image of the body is mapped on to the feet in a logical anatomical pattern. The toes represent the head, middle part of the foot corresponds to the internal organs and the foot corresponds to the pelvic region in our body. Similar maps of the reflexes are found on the ears and the hands as well. Everyone can benefit from Reflexology has NO SIDE EFFECTS on the Body.

And Yes

It’s proven To Work whether you’ve
struggled With Your Entire Life

Now there is lot of wrong and confusing information given on the internet which makes it impossible for the person to decide which one they should trust and believe in.

So here’s how Reflexology works…

How Reflexology Works?


Reflexology is a marvelous system, simple to understand and easy to practice. It is highly effective, completely safe and absolutely scientific. Whereas, acupuncture can only be carried out by a qualified and trained doctor, anybody, educated or illiterate, can benefit Tom Reflexology by understanding the theory of ten invisible zones in the body, location of various reflex points in hands, feet and other parts of the body and the technique of applying pressure on these points. The best thing being, Reflexology treatment can between to people of any sex and age – men, women, babies, children, young and old, anywhere and at any time. There is nothing to lose but much to gain from this therapy. It is due to these unique qualities of Reflexology that a large number of medical specialists, laving progressive and unbiased approach, speak highly of this therapy.




Quick relief from common ailments:



Renal Problem

Leg Pain






Heel Pain



Foot Pain


Knee Pain

Common Cold



Back Pain






Kidney Stone





Weight Problems



Making a Great Body and curing Diseases Is Not Difficult!

This Reflexology E-book has helped many people in curing their diseases and to transform their bodies

… to achieve permanent body improvement!

In this Reflexology Ebook I will show you how our system works with your body. How it re-energizes your mind and soul so that a person feels a permanent body improvement and can take care of them.

IMPORTANT: If you’re not using the correct reflex pressure points properly,

You will not see the results which you desire.  

and the thing which makes it worse…

If you have totally wrong kind of information… which will lead you to suffer more and more….

That is the reason why so many reflexology programs have failed on their promises.


  • I have not seen any results even though I have followed many programs? Results depend a lot on the body type and at the stage/level of the disease. You will not see any results if you are using a program that does not address your problem.
  • My friend has used a reflexology program which is working for her but not for me. Why is that? Every person has different body problems and different needs to cure them. Some problems are even at a different level/stage. Your friend’s problem might be different from yours and that is the reason it worked for her and not for you.
  • I have given pressure on the reflex points for 7 days but no Results so far? Getting wrong information or using wrong reflex points will not show any results for your body. I’ll show you which the best reflex points for your body are so you stay fit and free from diseases!

The Reflexology E-book has a BIG ADVANTAGE. It

  • Works for everyone irrespective of age or gender
  • Never Advices you to starve or eat more to achieve results
  • Never gets Outdated and has a long history.

Please do not pay attention to the

  • Wrong Information given on the Internet or sometimes you find in books and magazines. This creates a lot of confusion in the minds of people.
  • SCAMS which promise you to get results within couple of days or have no real information.


I must say proudly that Reflexology E-book works for everyone.

Reflexology works for every person irrespective of their age, gender, body type, emotions. People who have given up should try using this system at least once.

This system has helped many people. They were the ones who were lazy and had huge issues related to their bodies.

This is a system which should be tried by those folks who want to get extreme drugs in order to cure their problems. They should try this system instead of following the path dangerous drugs.

This system does not involve any expensive supplements. It flat out works for every person turning their lives around.

This system is very simple and easy to use. It will create a permanent and long term change in your body getting rid of all the problems related to it.

After using this system for a while, a person will feel a huge change in its body and a raw energy will run through its veins.

Folks who have already tried this reflex method have all praises for it. Their mornings are now totally different from what they used to experience.

Improve your health and cure the problems related to it by using this program.

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This book has more than 300 pages which include all the methods, tips, charts and detailed techniques of using it.

Features of E-Book:

  • Detailed Charts (HQ) explain the reflex Centers on our hand, feet and the body.
  • Detailed explanation of techniques, methods, steps and tools used in order to cure a certain disease.
  • Special Figures, Charts and diagrams available related only to a certain disease.
  • Explanation of the Causes of a disease and proper solutions for it.
  • Complete process on how to cure a certain disease.
  • Advice given on nutrition, reflex points, tools used in reflexology and much more.

And To Make It Even Easier, I’m Giving You 3 Exclusive Bonuses Worth At Least $97.00 for FREE!

BONUS #1: REFLEXOLOGY CHARTS AND FIGURES-You’ll learn exactly learn which the reflex points on the hands and feet are. A detailed chart and individual figures related to your body will explain the details of the reflex centers and help you in curing the ailment.

BONUS #2: REFLEXOLOGY TREATMENT FOR WEIGHT PROBLEMS- Discover which methods are most likely to turn into unattractive, mushy body fat into a lean body type. It involves explanation about diet, exercise and reflex points.

BONUS #3: REFLEXOLOGY TOOLS USED IN TREATMENT- I will recommend which reflexology tools are the best used for a reflex points on the body.  These tools are very important in putting pressure on the reflex points in curing the diseases.

Without using the drugs or supplements you can achieve extraordinary results that will transform your body forever.

Let me tell you how this will happen

1)       You will love this program because it does not force you to do it. You can do some of the exercises while working in office, traveling or even on a holiday.

2)       You will love to do it yourself because it is very simple to use and a lot of fun. Once you start to notice the changes in your body, you will love this system.

You will feel the energy inside your body and observe a change in the environment around you.

You are not required to have pills, drinks or supplements, You’re Not Relying on extreme workouts, You’re Not Relying on any personal trainer.

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Reflexology E-Book.

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I am very confident that this program will help to transform your body and you will not ask for a refund!


Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed. Use and test this program for the given time period (8 weeks) and then judge how it is helping you out.

You will be thrilled with your results, or I will refund the money you paid to buy the product without any hassles or questions asked.

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After using this program for couple of days you will forget that is it is very easy to use and so much fun that your body will change before your eyes.

It works and its been proven!

It does not affect me if you think negatively about this program or failed many times using some other false programs.

I promise you that if used properly this problem will be a life changing experience and be a complete fun.

PLZ Remember, there is a policy to refund the money. You can use this program for 60 days which will be a trial period. In this time you can test and see whether this program works for you or not. There is nothing to lose on your side besides trying it for 60 days. So don’t waste time and TAKE ACTION.

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Below you will see some feedback which we got from other people about this Reflexology E-book.

I purchased your plan last month, and it has helped me in improving my migraine and sleeping problems. Besides that it has also helped me in improving my mental and emotional problems like stress and depression. Your reflexology techniques should be bought by everyone as it focuses in each and every part of body.

Linda Hyatt

I have always eager to have a fit body through natural ways. The techniques given by you in the reflexology program have helped me a lot in achieving my goals. In 3 months time I started to see the results which had never seen before. My goal was also to lose some weight and I lost 12 pounds in 6 weeks. I never realized that I will ever reach this goal but thanks to you I look much younger and fitter. This has been one of my best investments so far. Thanks a ton.

Raj Singh
New Delhi, India

I am so happy to inform you that I am no longer having any joint pains and knee pains. You had such valuable information in your Reflexology manual, I think I must thank from the bottom of my heart for what you have done to me. The guidance which was given on nutrition on joints was amazing and really helpful.

Debbie Bond
Miami, Florida

I no longer have any problems with my constipation.  Other problems related to Hiccups, Gall Bladder and liver have also finished. I must thank the people who are doing such a great work by selling this Ebook for such a low price.

Kim Baker

New York

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Reflexology E-Book.

It was in March when I started to read this book. I had problems with respiratory system and endocrine system. As of June 1st, (3 months later), my system totally improved. My body feels much younger and there is immense energy in me to work around the clock.

James Bright

London, England

The Reflexology Ebook has been a life changing experience. The problems related to back pain, neck pain and shoulder pain have totally disappeared. My health is in a better state and I want to thank the author of the Ebook for it.

Lynn Ramirez,
California, USA

I must thank God that I bought your Reflexology Program. It has been only 3 weeks and I am already seeing results before my eyes. The Reflexology techniques mentioned in the e-book has helped me in curing my obesity and digestive problems. It is really great to know that a lot of people out there on the web really want to help people.

Sarah Simmons,

Click below to buy the complete book 

Reflexology E-Book.

NOTE: Reflexology E-book, is a downloadable e-book and not a physical product. It does not involve any shipping. Once your order has been processed you will receive an EMAIL to download the e-book to your computer. The e-book is in the adobe acrobat PDF format. If you have any issues or problems in viewing the e-book, you can email us at guruofreflexology@gmail.com

RESULTS DISCLAIMER: Reflexology is a  program which promotes healthy lifestyle and a long term approach to body improvement and maintenance. Results shown in our testimonials may not be typical. Permanence of body care cannot be guaranteed.